Samuel's Gate Wisteria Place Gables

Property Improvements & Alterations

Just a reminder that improvements and alterations to the homeowner's property are subject to review and approval by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  This includes fences, walls, landscaping, buildings, attachments, storage sheds, etc.  For complete details, please see your Declarations. 

(click here to obtain an ACC Review Request Form)

Please be aware that failure to obtain approval may require you to change your project after the fact in order to make it compliant.  You should also be aware that the HOA's manager will inspect a property offered for resale.  Improvements & alterations not on record will cast a cloud on the resale and thus may affect/delay the sale of the property.  For additional information pertaining to ACC requests, please read the guideline below:      

(click here to view the ACC Guidelines)

The Association

Samuel's Gate Homeowner's Association is an association of homeowners for homes located in the subdivisions of Samuel's Gate, Wisteria Place and The Gables.  The subdivisions are situated within The Orchards, a community developed by F&W Community Development Corporation. 

The HOA is managed by Murray Realty, Inc., 4648 Brambleton Ave., Roanoke, VA 24018.    

Samuel's Gate is named in honor of Samuel Crumpacker, patriarch of a family that once owned the land and figured prominently in the history of this area. 

Samuel's Gate property owners are encouraged to visit the Upcoming Events link on the left periodically for notification of upcoming meetings, events, etc. 

The Neighborhood

The subdivisions are situated at the foot of Read Mountain overlooking the valley toward the Blue Ridge. Within walking distance are two Roanoke County maintained parks:  Bonsack Park and Read Mountain Preserve.  Bonsack Park. located next to Bonsack Elementary School, provides a neighborhood play area.  The park includes a rentable shelter, grills, tables, water fountain, athletics fields, playgrounds and portable toilets.  Read Mountain Preserve offers a 1.9 mile trail to Read Mountain's summit at Buzzards Rock with spectacular views of the Roanoke Valley. 

Everyday shopping needs are satisfied with a Walmart, Lowe's and Kroger, all located within 2 miles.  The neighborhood is easily accessible from either US-460 or Alt US-220.  Interstate I-81 is within a few minutes drive and the Roanoke Regional Airport is only about 10 miles away. 

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General Information

Elementary School:  Bonsack Elementary, 5437 Crumpacker Drive, Roanoke, VA 24019
Middle School:   William Byrd Middle School, 2910 Washington Ave., Vinton, VA 24179
High School:  William Byrd High School, 2902 Washington Ave., Vinton, VA 24179
Emergency Responder:  Read Mountain Fire & Rescue, 43 East Park Dr., Roanoke, VA 24019

Volunteer for the HOA

We are always looking for volunteers to help with the Association.  If you are interested on serving on the Association's Board, or serving as Officer, or being a member of the Nominating Committee or any other committee, or know of someone that would be interested, please let us know.